Your contribution can qualify for a political refund from the State of Minnesota

You can make a donation to the Citizens for Denny McNamara Committee for up to $50 per year (or up to $100 per year if you file a joint tax return with your spouse).  Within days, we will provide you with a credit receipt and the Minnesota Department of Revenue’s Official Contribution Refund Form.  Fill out and mail both forms to the department and they will issue you a check (or automatically deposit into your account) for the amount donated.

This is a direct dollar-for-dollar refund of your contribution returned to you from the State of Minnesota. This is available to you once each calendar year.  Please complete use the button above to make a secure donation online or mail your contribution today in the enclosed self-addressed envelope along with the bottom portion of this form to the Citizens for Denny McNamara Committee, PO Box 395, Hastings, MN. 55033.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

*Over the 2-year biennium (2017-2018) the maximum contribution is $1000/person ($2000/couple)